Artralux is ready to create and embark on your specific journey chapter that is well crafted like a masterpiece.


What about a road experience in town? Artralux has private transfers and limousines across segments to fulfill your specific needs.Our service boasts privacy, luxury and safety. A well-trained chauffeur is ready to pick up and bring you to your preferred destination on time.

Create a luxury holiday that is extra special, and completely tailor-made like a masterpiece.


Airport Transportation
Rental Cars
Terms and conditions of airport transfer service:
  1. The above price includes the driver, fuel, and expressway fees.
  2. Can’t stop along the way If there is a stopover, it will be a form of car rental.
  3. If the flight is delayed, employees can wait for passengers for up to 2 hours from the appointed time.
  4. If you want to serve the person holding the sign, there is an additional charge of 300 baht.
*Terms and conditions of car rental:
  1. The above price is inclusive of tax and driver.
  2. This price does not include any additional expenses such as gas, expressway tolls, or parking spaces.
  3. In the event of using more than 12 hours per day, an additional service charge will be charged according to the schedule. If using more than 24.00 (midnight), a 1 day rental fee will be charged.
  4. In the event of using the service on holidays and public holidays, an additional service fee of 500 baht per day will be charged (holiday service fee).
  5. Overnight case An extra charge of 500 baht per night (overnight service fee)
  6. In the event that there is a car leading the procession, If there is an order from the government, there will be an additional charge.




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