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Schengen Visa

The permit enters 26 countries in Europe Zone for a short stay within 90 days or no more than 6 months. One Country Schengen Visa Application can travel to all countries in the Schengen group.

Type of Schengen Visa

  1. Single Entry can enter Schengen countries only once. If you exit from Schengen countries, you will not able to return to Schengen countries.
  2. Multiple Entries can enter Schengen counties many times according to conditions.

Schengen Visa Application

  1. Which country do you must apply a visa?
    •  You must know the country that you need to travel and make sure that the country can enter in Schengen visa.
    • In case of travelling to many Schengen countries, each countries have different number of days so you must choose the country where you stay the most. For example, traveling to Austria 3 days, France 4 days, Germany 5 days, so you must apply visa through Germany because this trip is in Germany the most.
    • In case of travelling to many Schengen countries but number of days spend in each country the same so you must choose the first Schengen countries of travelling. For example, travelling to Austria 3 days, Hungary 3 days, and Italy 3 days, so you must apply visa through Austria.
  2. Where do you apply for a Schengen Visa?
    • Apply directly to the embassy (Greece, Slovakia, and Poland)
    • Apply with VFS Global (Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands)
    • Apply with TLS Contact (France, Belgium, Portugal, and Hungary)
    • Apply with BLS International (Spain)
  3. Documents required for applying for Schengen Visa
    • Recent Passport
    • 2 Photos with white background size 3.5 cm. x 4.5 cm.
    • Schengen Visa Application Form
    • Personal documents such as a copy of the change name-surname certificate or marriage certificate
    • Work Evidence such as certification of employment or commercial license in case of a business owner
    • Financial Evidence such as Bank Certificate or Bank Statement
    • Itinerary
    • Flight and Hotel Booking
    • Insurance
    • Other Documents such as Invitation Letters or Supporting Letters, etc.

Conditions for granting Schengen Visa

You must exit from Schengen countries before your visa expiry also you must have enough money to cover expenses while in the country and the purpose of the trip must be clarified.

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