Recharge your life, Restore physical and mental health in your own unique way at RaKxa Wellness & medical Retreat

Artralux invited you to recharge and restore your physical and mental health at RaKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat, designed just for you. It is the first integrated health and medical centre in Asia. It is a new way of healthcare.

When entering RaKxa Wellness, the feeling here is very relaxing. There are 3 types of villas: Presidential Suite, Pool Villa and Garden villa, decorated in simple and warm colours, comfortable. All villas are surrounded by various types of plants, which is known as the lungs of Bangkok.


Many people may think that RaKxa is just a luxury spa but this place is more special than that. It’s not just a treatment. They focus on holistic health care and individually, where our health will also be analyzed by a modern physician. Before designing a healthcare program to match the hormonal genetics and the way of life that we really want.

After the health analysis procedure, RAKxa also has both Medical experts and psychologists provide healthcare counselling throughout the course. This allows us to restore our health according to priorities in the most accurate and effective way. The therapy has many ways.


RAKxa Jai – Holistic Wellness Center

It is a centre of healing from various branches of medical sciences that gather the ancient knowledge of medical science from the various culture which continues to be passed on from generation to generation and ready to give you a wellness experience that makes you relax physically and mentally, such as using the royal medicine recipe in the reign of King Rama 2, Traditional Chinese medicine, the use of energy therapy to medical sciences with a specialist from India to take care of your health. The recommended treatment is Floatation Room, floating in an Epsom saltwater tank, Sound Healing and Hydrotherapy area treatment.



RAKxa Gaya – Medical Gym

At the Medical Gym, you will be treated by specialists and a team of skilled physiotherapists. They will analyze and prioritize from the brain that directs movement to the joints to save exercise and find the cause of the injury that worries you. We are finding ways to protect and repair at the cellular level to keep your health from the inside out, using modern technology, using a modern sport science principle, including finding healthcare guidelines that are appropriate for each individual and you can also practice at home.


RAKxa Wellness Cuisine

In addition to physical health, they also care about food, not just eating healthy food in general but there will be chefs and nutritionists from VitalLife who will cook food that is suitable for each patient. They also know the source of food and are free from toxins.


Moreover, RAKxa also offers health care packages that cater to anti-ageing problems. Rejuvenate your skin to look younger effectively with modern medical technology. Personal care design for beautiful, elegant and age-appropriate skin and reduce the health problem risk that may occur in the future. You will achieve youthful skin as well as achieving sustainable health goals.



If you want to get new experiences, experience the full range of health care, treatment, cure and prevention, I recommend trying RaKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat because they focus on health care from head to toe. You will relax both physically and mentally, from inside to outside with your own unique and most efficient way for you. This place is located in Khung Bang Kachao, easy to travel to and near Bangkok. come and relax like breathing fresh air and refresh body like going to rest in the provinces.

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