The World’s Top Ten High-End Department Stores in 2022.

Nowadays, department stores are more than just places to shop. However, it has also become a source of economic activity and a center for various forms of entertainment. There are many activities to do together, and it is also a culturally rich location. It consists of many activities to do together in department stores, as well as many good restaurants.


ArtraLux will present you the top ten most opulent high-end department stores in the world in 2022. According to the rankings of the well-known website, which has been generally regarded as a Popular luxurious Web Blog


  1. Galeries Lafayette, Paris
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This is Paris’s number one department store, so it is a must-see for everyone. The highlight is that it combines culture and shopping in a single place. It’s a wonderful daydream visit. 

Built in 1895, this historic Parisian luxury department store has ten levels.The dome roof is a steel frame covered with stained glass in a stunning Art Nouveau style. You will undoubtedly be impressed when shopping and viewing art. Lafayette Gourmet Supermarket is also available. where you may also get genuine French items


  1. Harrods, London
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This Harrod is on Brompton Street in downtown London’s Knightbridge area. One of the most well-known department stores in the United Kingdom. This is a must-see high-end shopping center in London. It is an another retail mall that contains everything you need. Harrods features ten doors and six levels, over 300 shops, with classic luxury decor. This luxury department store will undoubtedly provide another great experience.


  1. KaWaDe, Berlin
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KaWaDe is an initials for Kaufhaus des Westens, which means as “mall of the west” in German. This department store opened in Berlin, Germany in 1907 and is still one of the most popular today. It is Europe’s second largest department store after London’s Harrods, with over 60,000 square meters (650,000 square feet) and over 380,000 goods. Every day, there are 50,000 customers.


  1. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milan
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Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle is named after the Kingdom of Italy’s first king. It was the first department store in the world. & is Italy’s oldest department store. design that is distinctive The stunning architecture seems to be one. It is densely packed with high-end designer stores. The Town House Galleria and the famed 5-star hotel are both located on the second floor of this mall. There are numerous historic Milan eateries, such as Bifi Coffee, Bar Camparino In Galleria, and Savani Restaurant.


  1. GUM, Moscow
    WEB 1200x600 5

Catherine the Great of Russia commissioned Italian neoclassical architect Giacomo Quarenghi to develop a vast commercial mall on the east side of Red Square, but the 1812 Moscow Fire destroyed it and replaced it with a building planned by neo-Italian architect Joseph Bove. The traditional, exquisitely adorned Trapezoidal buildings are a blend of elements of Russian medieval architecture and steel frameworks, with the entire roof covered in delicately patterned glass. enabling natural light to come in


  1. Central at Central World, Bangkok
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One of Thailand’s largest department stores Central Department Store has achieved another success. The store was intended to be modern after staying with Thai people for 75 years. Outstanding artwork with bright colors and pops of brightness. Under the Contemporary idea, which will have the concept and use different color tones depending on the lifestyle of the customers who are the target groups of each floor in a different way.


  1. La Rinascente, Florence
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The high-end department store La Rinascente, located in Florence, Tuscany, is home to many artists. and is one of the most visited cities in Europe. You will find quality products “Made in Italy” that will definitely bring you something to take home.


  1. Shinsegae, Busan
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The country’s first department store It is also the world’s largest shopping mall. The Shinsegae subsidiary in Busan, South Korea, is an e-Commerce distribution hub with an ice skateboard park. Indoor golf course, enormous spa, rooftop garden, and a vast food court featuring cuisine from all over the world, including the well-known restaurant Ciné de Chef, which serves French and Italian cuisine.


  1. Le Bon Marché, Paris
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The department store Le Bon Marché When you walk in, you could imagine you’ve slipped into the pages of a luxury magazine, because to the enormous area typical of fashion designers. It’s more than just a department shop. Appropriate for consumers searching for new trends and be inspired


  1. Takashimaya, Kyoto
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If you are visiting Kyoto, Don’t forget to make a visit to this department store. Another well-known and very well fashionista-style department store in Japan. Takashimaya is the place to go if you want to discover several local brands with distinct styling. This mall is ideal if you enjoy cool and rare items.






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