The twin of the Grand Budapest, that you can stay! The luxury castle-like pink hotel in Cape Town, South Africa “Belmond Mount Nelson”

Close your eyes and imagine the luxurious pink hotel, I believe that Grand Budapest will pop up in your mind. Even though this hotel is just a set in an Oscar-winning movie, it definitely makes many people want to try to stay in this sweet place and ‘Belmond Mount Nelson’ can fulfil that dream.

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The Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa is not the original model of the Grand Budapest, but more than 200 years of history gives itself the incomparable charm. This hotel has been open since 1973 and has served many important guests such as Queen Elizabeth II Winston, John Lennon, the famous musician “the Beatles” and even the Dalai Lama used to live here for some time.

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The dreamy rose pink that looks and feels comfortable is the highlight of the hotel and there is an amazing hidden meaning of it. After the end of World War I, to welcome peace to the world, a classic brown brick hotel was changed into a bright pink, representing friendship and unity. It also perfectly calculated the shade of fading, in which the lighting causes the pink color to change throughout the day.

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Hundreds of years have passed and the pinkness has faded over time, it gives a variety of emotions. However, this hotel still offers a full range of 5-star comprehensive facilities, from a swimming pool with views of Table Mountain, 198 luxurious rooms, a restaurant, fitness center, gardens, including spectacular valley views and many more. The air is clean and fresh, giving the feeling just like the picture in the movie. There are also boutiques that sell local Cape Town art pieces surrounded by this romantic hotel ‘Belmond Mount Nelson.

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Thai people can enter South Africa for up to 30 days without a visa. Travel from the airport to the city takes only 20 minutes to reach the center of Cape Town. Plenty of time to check in, drop off your bags and take a selfie with this sweet pink hotel. The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is another place that shouldn’t be missed. This place is adjacent to the port area that is lined with luxury yachts, the great atmosphere with statues of famous African figures and Nobel laureates. Another highlight is the large Ferris Wheel, which stands as a landmark of the city where you can go up to see the scenery, with the Table Mountain as a beautiful background.

Arriving at Cape Town, you must visit Sea Point for a 360-degree view of the sea. This place is suitable for watching the beauty of the sunrise. You can also have a picnic, take a walk in the fresh air or take a swim in the sea, it would be very nice. And, don’t forget to end your trip with Sea Island or the city’s famous Seal Island. To travel across the island, you must contact the tour sales staff at the pier in which there are plenty for you to choose from. It is suggested to pre-booked as this is one of the most famous attractions because everyone would like to see the cuteness of the seals! It takes about half an hour to get across and the tour guide gives you 20 minutes to appreciate the cuteness of the seal and see their amazing lifestyle.

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Apart from the hotel that would make us fall in love in Cape Town, this place is also one of the world’s most popular summer resort towns. Perfect nature, waves, beautiful sea, blue sky, all things possible that would make you enjoy your stay here, including shopping areas, restaurants, and many attractions for you to be excited about.



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