For a forbidden love story to the Goddess of Luck, “The Spirit of Ecstasy” a valuable emblem of Rolls-Royce

Apart from the unique identity, luxury and refinement that customers will experience, the behind of this luxury car that makes this brand so valuable is not just the price and its quality but the story of the Goddess. This Goddess or a woman in the emblem of the car is what gives Rolls-Royce the uniqueness and magical tales.

The Spirit of Ecstasy, which many people thought was the Goddess of Speed, is actually a statue of a woman that looks like she’s about to fly on the hood of a car. This was modelled after Ms Eleanor Velasco Thornton, a secretary of Mr John Walter Edward Scott-Montagu, one of the car enthusiasts and the pioneer of the automotive industry in England. They fell in love with each other, but due to their different social position, their love was forbidden and had to be hidden.

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Later, John wanted to give the special symbols for his Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, so he asked Mr Charles Robinson Sykes to come up with one special symbol. Robinson, as his best friend, knew about his forbidden love so he came up with the symbol that was modelled after Ms Eleanor. The symbol was originally a picture of a woman in a dress, placing an index finger on her lips and giving the name of “The Whisper”. This symbol implied the hidden relationship between John and Elanor, and this is one and the only symbol on John’s car.

In the year 1910, Rolls-Royce had wanted to create the mascot for the brand in order to give the symbol that more people would remember. Therefore, Robinson was hired to create the symbol for the brand, with the concept of the Greece Goddess. However, Robinson denied and chose The Whisper as his model. He made some modifications and called it “The Spirit of Speed”. On the day of delivery, he changed the name to “The Spirit of Ecstasy” which had been used until today.

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Moreover, in 1930, Robinson was hired once again by Roll-Royce to create the mascot for the new sports saloon. Considering that the driver would want to see the path more clearly, he changed the statue into a kneeling version. This design of the symbol still reflected Eleanor just the same as the other time. This version of the emblem was officially released on the 26th January 1934 but soon was cancelled and used the original emblem in the smaller version.

The Spirit of Ecstasy since the Phantom in 2003 onwards were in the size of 3-inch (7.6 cm) for safe driving. The spring-loaded mechanism designed to recoil immediately into the radiator if the car was impacted from any direction was also mounted. Inside the car also has a button where it can lift or lower the state as pressed to make it more convenient for the drivers.

The Spirit of Ecstasy, in the present, is like the image and the face of the brand. She is like the Goddess that brings the spirit of luxury and innovation into the road every time the car is driven. Her enjoyment gives us the feeling of ecstasy and happiness.

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And with the behind-story of the brand, many customers perceived this as the sentimental value and the piece of work that is worth keeping and possessing. This made Rolls-Royce become the English luxury car brand that people bought because of its legend. It is like art that is specially made just for you. Moreover, the customer can customize the material used for the statue of The Spirit of Ecstasy. It does not need to be made of stainless steel like the original!



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