“Chuan Fin Kin Tip” Trip @ Hong Kong Follow the ‘2021 Michelin Guide’

It’s September, So? It means Hong Kong month! Best weather with a cool breeze for us to enjoy shopping. After the long long walk, your stomach must start yelling HUNGRY! Hong Kong is also heaven for food as their food is second  to none! Just thinking of dim sum makes me hungry. So, Let’s take a look of ‘2021 Michelin Guide’ with Artralux to help you somehow fulfill our longing for our favorite place HONG KONG!!

  1. L’ Envol, a two-star Michelin starred restaurant located in the St. Regis Hong Kong, the Fine Dining meal of the artistry French chef ‘Oliver Elzer’. Great combination of French style food with the senses of Chinese all together in one plate as his signature dish ‘La Cravette Carabineros’, Such a work of Art that blessed our stomach!



  1. Tate, A modern style restaurant that just recently got two Michelin stars in 2021, serving Chinese cuisine with a touch of French style created by Chef Vicky Lau. Every dish is just like a piece of handicrafts. ‘Scallion Crepe with Fresh Crab’ topped with shrimp and caviar, sounds YUM! This is the signature that surely gonna make you craving and dreaming for weeks. Can’t wait till boarding! Great food with good spots for photos too!



  1. Ye Shanghai (Tsim Sha Tsui), If you are into Chinese food with the authentic Shanghai style, DO NOT MISS this restaurant! Ye Shanghai has been running their kitchen for over 20 years and recently received the first Michelin star! Michelin crew where were you? This is authentic Chinese food that has been meticulously prepared with high techniques and you can order as a ‘Set’ or ‘A La Carte’ 20 years is no repetitious or monotonous as they create a monthly special menu every single month!



  1. The Chairman, a traditional Cantonese restaurant leading by Chef Danny Yip. By choosing fresh seafood from the local fisheries to table, makes the beautiful and flavorful Cantonese style dishes with the aroma and spices. Just head to ‘The Chairman’.


Hong Kong Follow the ‘2021 Michelin Guide’


  1. Ando, from the Argentinian Chef, Agustin Balbi. Every bite represents the experiences and the skills learned through time. Senses of Asian food and the chef’s hometown food creates dishes of greatnesses with the chosen finest ingredients as well as the skillful process in making. This makes Ando become one of new top Michelin starred restaurants and heaven for those meat lovers! Just order ‘Argentinian Beef’ and you will never be disappointed!



Loud applause for these Michelin food heavens for their recent awards of Michelin award in 2021.  The courage and passion in their food and goodness has shown through even in this crisis of pandemic the COVID-19. The chefs show their love and talents to create such dishes. This makes the award more vulnerable ‘2021 Michelin Guide’ is a reward of courage for us to celebrate the success of these restaurants.

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