Dubai frame view

Dubai Frame, the highest frame building in the world that connects the past, present and future of Dubai

Don’t get bored with “the best” when it comes to Dubai, the center of travel and business with luxurious buildings. One building that stands out is the Dubai Frame, a giant frame-shaped building 150 meters above the ground. It provides a new perspective to the visitors


Panoramic view from Dubai Frame


What is Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is a frame-shaped building opened in 2018. It has become a new historical landmark of the UAE. It was designed by Fernando Donis, an architect from Mexico who won a design award in 2008. This design was inspired by the Expo 2020 Dubai logo. The 150-meter-tall, 93-meter-wide building was reinforced with more than 9,900 cubic meters of concrete, 2,000 tons of steel and 2,900 sq.m of laminate glass and coated with 15,000 sq.m of gold. Each pole serves as a high-speed elevator that can travel 48 floors in 75 seconds. At the top lies the panoramic 360 degree view of Dubai


The marvelous Dubai Frame


There was a drama before being the Dubai Frame today

Every place has its own history and Dubai Frame is no exception. In 2008, Fernando Donis who won the design choice filed a lawsuit against Dubai as it violated the agreement before signing the official design, instead, Dubai altered his design and proceeded to construction. Fernando said to CNN that his blueprints were modified without receiving any compensation, but he is happy to the Dubai Frame stands as it is in Dubai.


Dubai Frame, The frame-shaped building in Dubai


Dubai Frame, the reflection of Dubai’s prosperity

Complete your Dubai journey at Dubai Frame, the biggest frame building located near Zabeel Park in the Al Kefaf area. It allows visitors to take a complete view of Dubai from a different perspective. There, you will see Dubai in the past and the present version. It’s like the connection of the entire Dubai from the old days. On the 48th floor, the glass walkway allows visitors to enjoy 360 degrees panoramic views of Dubai including the old town of Deira or the skyscrapers in Sheikh Zayed, or even the 163-storey Burj Khalifa and the Dubai dancing fountain. Coffee is available for the new 150 meters high coffee experience.


What’s in the Dubai Frame

The masterpiece of a building was not only built to provide a 360-degree view of Dubai. There is also a history exhibition that tells the story of Dubai from the past to present in 3D images for maximum immersion


1.Old Dubai

Look back to the fishing community that evolved into the mega city we know today. The 3D multimedia display will show the details and information with special effects of the transforming Dubai


Present Dubai


2.Present Dubai

This zone displays the current state of Dubai, where you can see Dubai from every angle including the architecture, economy, basic structure.


3.Future Dubai Gallery

Let’s take a time machine and go 50 years further from now through a 3D tunnel with visual effects to simulate the future world of Dubai.


Future Dubai Gallery


Dubai Frame provides every angle of Dubai to visitors in a different way while also serves as a memorable place to be once in a lifetime.


Does Dubai Frame have an entrance fee?

For those who want to come and experience the new perspective of Dubai at the Dubai Frame, another landmark and an important one in Dubai. The building opens from 9 am to 9 pm daily. Visitors are capped at 300 people per round and there’s a fee of 50 AUD (roughly 470 baht) for adults and 20 AED (188 baht) for kids under 12 while kids under 3, elderly over 60, and disabled with 2 followers are free to enter.


Dubai Frame at night


Experience a new perspective of Dubai at Dubai Frame, a cultural landmark of the UAE. Contact us at Artralux for a special trip to Dubai travel planning and many more exclusive deals that will make your journey unforgettable.

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