Dubai eye at dark

Expand Dubai’s horizon with Dubai Eye, take spectacular views from the world’s biggest Ferris wheel

Dubai, a land of luxury and prosperity with endless possibilities. The pinnacle of landmarks. The Dubai Eye offers the most exclusive view from the biggest and highest Ferris Wheel. If you are bored with the same old Dubai, give this Ferris Wheel a shot.


Ain Duba, world’s biggest Ferris wheel


The making of the Ferris Wheel

Dubai Eye, or Ain Dubai, is the world’s biggest and tallest Ferris Wheel, located on Blue Waters Island near Dubai Marina. It was opened on the 21st of October 2021. The wheel is 250 meters tall or roughly 820 feet. It allows visitors to take the view of Dubai from the horizon in the sky


The capacity of Dubai Eye

Dubai Eye is one of the landmark visitors should not miss. It comes with air-conditioned cabins that can hold 1,750 people in its 48 passenger capsules, each has 12 slots of vacancy. It takes 38 minutes to complete one full rotation or 76 minutes if extended. Each of the 48 capsules are decorated differently with full air conditioning to counteract the heat of Dubai

Ain Dubai is almost twice as big as the London Eye. It is built with more than 11,200 tons of steel, that’s 33% more than the Eiffel Tower


Passenger Capsule of  Ain Dubai


What do you see up there on the Ferris Wheel

Apart from a different perspective of Dubai, you will see important locations such as


The Palm Island

The islands are shaped like palm trees. This is the world’s biggest island construction full of residential areas and resorts. There are 3 islands, namely The Palm Jumeirah, The Palm Jebel Ali and The Palm Deira


Atlantis The Palm

A 5-star hotel located on The Palm Islands. It has a distinct Pink-Gold color scheme. The 46-storey hotel has the Lost Chambers Aquarium inside with 10 meters tall tanks that give visitors a diving-like experience


Dubai Marina

An artificial canal in the middle of skyscrapers. It is the yacht docking station. It is the most significant pier in Dubai with lots of shopping malls and the Dubai Marina Outlet


Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Another 5-star hotel with 7-star service. The place is decorated with 24k gold and is located on a private island. Burj Al Arab mimics the sail of the traditional arabic ship


View from the Dubai Eye


Dubai Eye fees

Dubai Eye offers a unique experience no one can ever have before. The luxurious attraction comes with many packages to choose from, suitable for single or group visits.


Ain Dubai views

For a lone wolf, you can enjoy the ride on the Dubai Eye at 130 AED (1,223 baht)


Ain Dubai Family Pass

For a group or family pass, a 4-ticket package can be purchased at 370 AED 93,483 baht). This package includes 2 kid tickets (3-12 years) and 2 adult tickets (above 12 years)

Dubai Eye also has many more activities to offer such as parties, entertainment, festivals, etc. The host can choose either the Observation cabins or the Social cabins with a private bar as needed


Dubai Eye at night


Dubai Eye opening hours

Dubai Eye opens during the day and night periods. Visitors can enjoy the golden sun that casts shadows on the skyscrapers during the day and the colorful sky during the night.

Dubai Eye opens on Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 am to 9 pm. Thursday to Saturday from 12pm to 9pm


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