Hallstatt city view

Hallstatt, a lakeside village in Austria, is a marked destination for visitors

Apart from the pastel city of Salzburg in Austria, there is another popular attraction called Hallstatt located in Upper Austria. There, a surrounding lake and mountains are waiting for you to take a look.


Hallstatt, Austria


Hallstatt, a world heritage approved by UNESCO

A small village, full of history, Hallstatt, is located on the southwest of Hallstatter See, a lake in Salzkammergut. It is one of the locations in Austria with villagers only in the hundreds. Hallstatt was registered as a world heritage by UNESCO in 1996. It is an ancient European place with great historical impact as there is the oldest salt mine in the world nearby. It is also adjacent to Salzburg.


What to do in Hallstatt?

The Hallstatt lake is always there as a highlight. The town is full of interesting history. The archaeologist community praised Hallstatt as a valuable treasure. The town is available all year long as it has something new to offer with each season. This is why you should not miss Hallstatt


Salzwelten Salzburg Salt mine


1. The 7000-year-old Salzwelten Hallstatt Salt mine

The 7000 years old cultural heritage. Salt was very valuable around 800 BC. Salzwelten Sal mine is now more than 7000 years old, the oldest in the Alps.  Even though salt is not as valuable as in the past, the mine is still producing 250,000 tons of salt each year. The mine is open for visiting from April – November, from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm. The ticket price is 25 euros (approximately 932 baht)


2. Dachstein Ice cave

Dachstein Ice cave is a large, old cave that runs through Upper and Salzburg. It was discovered back in 1910. Inside the cave, there are natural stones and ice shards that formed under the condition, which allows visitors to enjoy every corner of the cave.


3.Central Square Marktplatz

Hallstatt town square is where visitors must go and take a few memorable photos. The stone field with a fountain in the middle is where people go to relax, sip some coffee and enjoy the village view. This square is also where the local festivals and events take place


Hallstatt Church


4.Hallstatt Lutheran Church

The town’s local church was built in 1785. It served as the house of prayer for the locals. In 1863, the house was transformed into a church. It has a unique pointy roof shape which makes it visible to the entire town. Behind the church lie the clear lake and green grass field. The place is free to visit all day.


5. World Heritage Museum Hallstatt

Welterbe Museum Hallstatt is another popular place in Hallstatt. The museum shows the culture and the environment of the town 7,000 years ago since the salt mine became operational and the story goes on until the town was registered as a world heritage by UNESCO. The exhibit is displayed as realistic 3D images


6. Beinhaus, Bone House

If you are not strong enough, here’s a warning. The Bone House is where the bones of the 18-19th century people got stored and displayed. The last bone was brought in in 1995. Beinhaus opens every day from 10 am to 5 pm. The entrance fee is 1.50 euros (or 56 baht)


Visiting Hallstatt, Austria outskirt


Hallstatt, Austria also has many activities to provide such as Plaette cruise in the lake, visiting the 15th-century church, Pfarrkirche, and many more. It is a perfect place to relax among nature and the authentic ancient environment. It is going to be quite a story to tell.

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