‘Luxury’ may be a little less for this 7-star hotel, ‘Burj Al Arab’ in Dubai, decorated with 24K gold, with the ultimate luxury services!

6-star hotel is never be enough in this modernist city of Dubai. Thinking of luxury life ‘Burj Al Arab’ can’t be missed, this high-level 7-star hotel is considered the ultimate in Dubai accommodation that must be mentioned.

Staying at the Burj Al Arab has completely changed the word luxury we used to know. This is beyond the word luxury which you couldn’t find the right description in any dictionary. The sailboat shaped hotel as a symbol representing the city with a 321 meter tall (higher than the Eiffel Tower) and built on the sea that is filled with human-made craftsmanship. Moreover, an entrance of a bridge connecting from the shore to the hotel. The only one entrance and exit unless you use a personal helicopter and land on the roof of the hotel or you could take a Rolls-Royce, a special service to pick you up at the door with your membership card. All of these details will be examined to be able to enter the hotel for the privacy and safety of all guests.

The extravaganza interior is extremely well designed and grandiose. At the reception area, we will see the spatial decorations made of 24K gold and 1,790 sq.m. You will also see the decorations of Swarovski crystals on the ceiling at the Japanese restaurant ‘Junsui’, resembling the Milky Way. Over 2,400 sq.m. of the area has been decorated with 30 kinds of quality marble by the most famous Italian craftsmen to create beautiful architectural works within the hotel.

There is also a Fine Dining restaurant that combines the various cultures of the Arab cuisine where you can indulge in dishes from the best chefs with Michelin stars. The highlight is the view of the giant aquarium that makes you sit right in the middle of the ocean. I guarantee this will be the best meal you ever experienced.

For the room, rooms are all luxury suites. The starting price based on the website is approximately 34,000-185,000 baht (excluding tax). Other room types are only available for the VVIPs as per request. How luxurious is it? You may ask, I can only secretly whisper to your ear that a price of millions of baht per night is also available!

If you stay at the Burj Al Arab, you must not forget to visit their facilities such as the swimming pool and spa on the 18th floor which is 150 meters above sea level. This is known as one of the world’s top-level swimming pools. In addition to the design, it was marvellously decorated in the Arabian style. You can look around to see the amazing panoramic view of the Arabian Gulf in totally 360-degree!

This is not just it! The hotel also offers multiple additional services that allow you to experience the best activities such as driving luxury cars such as the Aston, Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and others, or yacht chartering to admire the beauty of the sea. Seeing the sunset on a private yacht in the middle of the ocean, How romantic!

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