Let’s get to know the world’s 2nd richest billionaire “Elon Musk”, Tech wizard who changed the world.

I am certain that many of you are familiar with this guy “Elon Musk”, a business man and the director of modern electric car, Tesla. The world’s second richest guy, so called “Real-life Iron Man”. Well, the success of Elon Musk is not only about the cars, but also many other cool high-tech companies that Kawan would like to share with you today!


Back in 1999, the business that rose to world-fame for the 28 year-old Musk was Paypal, which many of you might have used this service already. This service occurred under the concept of online banking and later transformed into online money transfer. In fact, this service was created by the company called http://X.com, which was established by Musk and his friends. Musk held about 11.79% of the share and later sold them to eBay in the value as high as 48,000 million baht ($1,500,000,000 USD) before changing the name to Paypal that we currently use.


Soon after, Musk continued his childhood dream of “taking humans to Mars” by using the money from selling Paypal to establish the company in 2002 and released the project called “SpaceX”. This project focused on developing rocket technology and became a space exploration business, with the hope of allowing humans to travel to space cheaper, in Economy Class.
Normally, once the rocket goes up to space, it will turn into non-reusable air waste and thus, have to construct the new rocket every time. With this reason, Musk is determined in developing the reusable rocket and finally succeeded in the 4th experiment of the Falcon Rocket! This is amazing and very fantastic as we are so close to space travel at an affordable price!


With his wide vision, Musk has not stopped yet. In 2004, he invested in the Tesla Company, a manufacturer of electric cars and shaked the EV car industry. His goal is to make EV cars accessible for everyone. He would like to make the use of this car a reality with a similar price with the normal fuel-car. This is another success of his after Tesla released their first EV sport car in 2008, called “Tesla Roadster” at a price of 200,000 USD or around 6.5 million THB. What’s more fascinating is the ads that send the red Tesla Roadster with an astronaut named Starman into the orbit of Mars, putting up the message saying “Don’t Panic” in front of the car. This message derived from his favorite book called ‘The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ that inspired him to get to this point. Now, everyone has heard the name of Tesla, and other models of Tesla that are produced have become cheaper with high technology.

The Boring Company

In the beginning of 2018, The Boring Company founded and run by Musk was authorized by the government to drill the areas in New York and Washington in order to completely change the world of public transport. Under the concept of Hyperloop that he has continuously developed for years, with the high-speed travel through the vacuum tunnel up to 1,200 km/hr that was successfully tested after using 2 people to sit in a Pod or Capsule for 15 seconds at a distance of 500 meters at a speed of 172 km/h. Once the project is completed, this would make it possible to shorten the travel from Washington to New York to only 29 minutes and the high-speed train is no longer a dream!

This guy has changed the world as we have given the name of “real-life Tony Stark ”. Such innovation that everyone thought impossible was proved to be possible by this guy. We just have to wait for his new amazing innovation. And this is ‘Elon Musk’ the Tech Wizard who changed the world.



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