Monte Carlo – City of Billionaires, full of the charm of architecture.

Monte Carlo is a small town located in Monaco, close to the Mediterranean sea with an extended long beach. The city is full of ancient architecture and civilization, becoming a relaxing destination for all the rich.

Le casino de Monte Carlo

One of the world’s oldest casinos was constructed in 1856. The interior was lavish with marble and cravings on the golden hall. This casino attracts the player with the various games and up to date slot games. The risk-takers can choose whether to sit on the game table or play as VVIP in the playroom with the James Bond background, such a classic. The player has to be wealthy enough to be in this casino as apart from gambling, this casino also provides the high-class facilities and services to all the players. If the game gets too stressful, you can take a walk and enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea, such a luxury relaxation. Even though this casino welcomes all the new players, all players must be well-dressed as this casino is strict with this matter. Just looking at the cars of each player, it feels surreal and more luxurious than what is shown in the movie.


Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

The exterior of this building is stunning with the outstanding architecture. Yet, the inside is the location of the ancient aquarium that was built by Prince Albert I of Monaco. There are various zones of the exhibition of the marine objects as well as the large aquarium that is a home of over 200 marine species and thousands of coral that allows us to learn about the biodiversity under the Mediterranean sea. The museum is continuously developing and modernizing to keep up with the society, including their learning materials.


Monte-Carlo Street Circuit

Anyone with the love of speed must visit this place with their own eyes once in their lives. The historic Formula 1 racetrack, known as Monaco Grand Pix, one of the most beautiful racetracks and the fastest speed racetrack was opened to the public in 1929. In fact, this racetrack was also used as the transport road of the city, not only for the race. But how difficult must the road be to compete in a race? The road is smooth, yet the difficulty of this track is too hard to drive. The narrow road along the city plan with 78 laps throughout the 3.340 km steep racetrack and many dangerous turns make this track so challenging for the racers, becoming one of the top race tracks to win. For anyone with a Road trip to Monte Carlo and would like to use this track, please drive very carefully. But you would definitely see the romantic view of Prince Palace, Casino Monte Carlo and the port of Monaco.


Monaco Cathedral

Monaco’s fairytale-like cathedral and national church was built using stone in 1875. The interior was simple yet amazingly built and decorated in Romanesque style. This was also the place holding important religious ceremonies of the Monaco royal family and has been well maintained until today. This place is also the tomb of Princess Grace of Monaco which was kept in the Saint Nicholas Cathedral.


Opera de Monte-Carlo

It would be cool enough just by taking the photo with this Opera house. The exterior architecture of the opera house is magnificent and also a part of casino. This opera house is located along the Salle Garnier Sea that allow us to enjoy the beautiful view. Anyone who would like to see the inside also gives you the view of a true elegant and spell-bound classic.


Monte Carlo, simply speaking, is the city that wealthy people must visit at least once in their life! You would not only see the magnificent architecture, beautiful city and also the interesting lifestyle of locals. The luxurious life of theirs would give us surprise like you never imagine as Monaco is the world’s richest city in the world!



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